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Ayurveda Seasonal Retreats

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Ayurveda Retreats: Schedule a Day Ayurveda or 3-7 day full Seasonal De-Tox. Learn how to maintain your health through Ayurvedic diet into your lifestyle

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Learn how to eat an Ayurvedic diet for each season

Spring Season Vata                Air

Pitta Season  Summer           Fire

Kalph Season Winter            Earth

We offer Ayurveda Retreats & Workshops

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Ayurveda Seasonal Lifestyle Retreats. Learn how to eat in the season for your bodies constitution and how to maintain health through Yogic Ayurveda Diet and lifestyle.

We offer private individual and group Day Retreats and full De-tox Retreat for cleanse body mind and soul.

Schedule a Ayurveda Retreat for you or our group. We will personalize your retreat to meet your needs.

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We offer workshop on Yoga Ayurveda diet and lifestyle.

Learn the sister science of Yoga Ayu-Veda " The Science of Life".

 Live a healthy Empower Life through this ancient Wisdom. Schedule a Ayurveda Retreat. Learn how a Ayurvedic diet can assist you in your health needs.